Arjun Reddy 2 weeks WW Share

Below is the detailed break up of Arjun Reddy 2 weeks WW Share. Arjun Reddy has collected a share of more than 22 crores in two weeks. Arjun Sold is sold at 6 crores and it is already a Quadruple block buster. It is still going strong in most of the centres and is very likely to touch the 30 cr mark. If we include remake rights, satellite rights and internet rights, it might well touch the 50 cr mark. This is mere speculation and stay tuned for further box office performances of Arjun Reddy. Trade circles expect Arjun Reddy to have a decent run until Jai Lava Kusa hit theatres on September 21.

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Below is the detailed break up of Arjun Reddy 2 weeks WW share:

Nizam :                      7.98

Vizag:                         1.26

East:                           0.91

West:                         0.54

Krishna:                   1.00

Guntur:                    0.99

Nellore:                    0.38

Andhra Total:        5.08

Ceded:                       1.95

Nizam + AP:            15.01 Cr

USA:                            5.35

Karnataka:               1.14

ROW:                         1.10


World Wide Total:   22.6 Cr

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