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Bharat Ane Nenu Movie Rating : 4 (Blockbuster)
Bharat Ane Nenu: Thought Provoking and Sincere Attempt!

Koratala Siva and Mahesh Babu come together for the second time with Bharat Ane Nenu, after their career best hit Srimanthudu. Koratala Siva is one of the few blessed directors in Tollywood without a flop to their credit. Bollywood’s barbie doll Kiara Advani is making her debut in Telugu with this movie. The technical team comprises of big names like Devi Sri Prasad, Ravi K Chandran, Thirru and Sreekar Prasad.

Story :

Bharat Ram (Mahesh Babu) is the only child of Raghava Raju (Sarath Kumar) and Aamani. Raghava Raju and Varadha Raju (Prakash Raj) are good friends who plan to float a political party. Raghava Raju is busy in his career and spends very less time with his family. Bharat is bought up mostly by his mom where she teaches him the real value of the word Promise. She suddenly passes away, leaving a huge impact on Bharath’s life. Varadha Raju insists Raghava Raju to marry again, if not for him, at least for Bharat. Raghava Raju marries Sithara and gives birth to a girl and boy. Bharat doesn’t mingle much with his step mother before he flew away to London for future studies along with his friend and their parents. Bharat grew up becoming  a very brilliant student with five degrees under his belt while Raghava Raju becomes the chief minister of Andhra Pradesh. Upon knowing the news of Raghava Raju’s death, Bharat flew back to India. Bharat is very unfortunate as he does not even get to see the body of his father. The last rites have been performed by his younger step-brother citing the tense situation prevailing after CM’s death. In the mean while, few of the party members opine to become the heir of the party’s throne and convey the message to Varadha Raju. Citing a split within the party, Varadha Raju decides to make Bharat as the new Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh.

The above depicted story happens in the first twenty minutes. Just in case, you give a late entry, the above story will be helpful. What happens next has to be seen on Silver screen.

Artiste’s Performance:

Bharat Ane Nenu will be remembered as one of the best movies in Mahesh Babu’s career. He is impeccable in the role of Chief Minister. Kiara Advani is beautiful and has made a very impressive debut. Though her role is short, she made her presence felt in all the scenes she played. For sure, she will be the next runner for the top slot. Prakash Raj got a meaty role and has done full justice to his role. His role had major run time after the character the Bharat. Ajay is good as a sincere officer. Brahmaji was able to bring in some laughter in the role of a personal secretary to Chief Minister. Aamani, Sitara, and Sarath Kumar were good in their short and important roles. Rahul Ramakrishna was excellent in the role of a person who becomes an MLA after contesting as an independent candidate. Rao Ramesh, Devaraj and the rest of the cast were apt in the roles they portrayed.

Technical Team:

The music and background score by Devi Sri Prasad is at it usual best. Cinematography by Thirru and Ravi K Chandran is good. The assembly set came out real well and looked close to original. Koratala Siva never failed as a writer and director and proves his calibre again with Bharat Ane Nenu. Dialogues need a special mention, especially the English liners. Editing by Sreekar Prasad is crisp and neat.


  • Traffic Fines Episode
  • Bharat Taking Oath
  • Bharat getting introduced to Vasumathi over phone
  • Bharat having breakfast with Vasumathi and her friends
  • Anthakarna Shudhi scene with journalist
  • Bharat speech at assembly
  • Confrontation scenes with Prakash Raj
  • Bharat’s vision on Free Education
  • Bharat’s vision over Local Governance
  • Bharat’s helicopter entrance at Rachakonda
  • Inspiring Rachakonda person to stand as independent MLA
  • Fight at Durga Mahal theatre
  • A child explaining about human mind
  • Explosive Press Meet
  • Dialogues (especially, the inspiring liners in English)
  • Music and Background score
  • Cinematography
  • Direction
  • Mahesh’s Impeccable Performance
  • Kiara Advani’s impressive debut


  • Steve Smith’s ball tampering news is displayed as scrolling news during a couple of TV news channel episodes. While the movie is set during united Andhra Pradesh times, the ball tampering incident happened a couple of months back. This technical glitch should have been taken care of.
  • A few routine dance movements from Superstar (negligible)
  • A few cinematic liberties (negligible)

Box Office Prospects:

Bharat Ane Nenu will emerge as Mahesh Babu’s highest grosser till date surpassing his previous best Srimanthudu. Will also become Koratala Siva’s biggest hit till date paving way for his double hattrick.

Final Punch:

Bharat Ane Nenu is undoubtedly the best political movie till date in Telugu. Blending relevant messages with a good commercial flavor is a daunting task for any maker and Koratala Siva has done it with ease.

Ajaykumar Mudunuri

Bharat Ane Nenu Verdict:

Bharat Ane Nenu Movie Verdict

  • Blockbuster - 4
  • Average - 2
  • Flop - 0


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