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Darshakudu Movie Rating : 1.75

Darshakudu: Pack Up!

Darshakudu has created a decent hype for the reason that it comes from the banner of Sukumar Writings. Sukumar has produced this movie and launched Ashok Bandreddi, his brother’s son as lead hero and his friend Hariprasad Jakka as director. Let’s see  what the team came up to.

Mahesh (Ashok) only passion is movies from his childhood. He eats,sleeps,walks and talks movie throughout his life. Whatever he does, he relates it to movies. Seeing his passion from childhood, his Dad takes a promise from him that he should become a director. Mahesh becomes a director but the producer asks for few changes in the script related to the love story between the lead pair. He gives him 15 days to get a tight bound script. Mahesh meets Namrata and acts if he is in love to get his script right. Namrata also falls in love with him until she realizes that Mahesh love is not on her but for coming up with a tight bound script. Will Mahesh and Namrata unite?

To know this simple answer, you may watch it once. I might be a fool asking this question as even a kid can answer this. This movie is logicless from the start till the end. Hero relates all the scenes with the movie he is going to direct. That itself loses out in getting the emotions right when required.

Few dialogues like highlighting the greatness of movies are good. I personally liked hero’s voice that has a striking resemblance to Sukumar’s original tone. Hence, i could get connected with the character of Mahesh. But one thing for sure, he is not a hero material. Sorry to say this, it was unbearable to watch him throughout. Eesha Rebba was beautiful and did a good job. Poojitha, who acted as Eesha’s friend is beautiful and suited well for her role. Music and background score by Sai Karthik is good. Cinematography by Praveen Animolu is good in parts.

Overall, a disappointing product from the school of Sukumar. Though the concept might be good in paper, the makers have made a fundamental mistake in choosing appropriate hero. I personally thought a better upcoming hero could have worked in the favor of the movie.


Box Office Prospects: Darshakudu will be a outright failure in the box office. Whatever moolah it gets, it should be in the opening weekend and will be out of theatres by the end of it’s first week. Not aware of its budget, i thought it would have been made in a small budget as hero and director are close to the producer. With this in mind, Darshakudu will not be a disaster. But a flop is for sure on the cards.

Final Punch: Pack up for hero. One more chance for the Darshakudu (director Hari Prasad) to prove his mettle.

  • Ajaykumar Mudunuri

PS: It is not to offend anyone involved in the process of film making. This review just speaks the heart out of it.

Disclaimer: This review completely reflects my personal opinion and is no way related to the outcome of the movie. The movie i like or dislike might differ with others. Please watch movie in theatres and let me know if you accept or have second thoughts on my review. The figures mentioned in Box Office prospects is from internet sources.

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