Gautham Nanda Life Time Collections

Gautham Nanda starring Gopichand in dual roles and directed by Sampath Nandi turned out to be a double disaster at box office.

Released amidst decent expectations, Gautham Nanda failed to reach the expectations of the audience and left bad memories to all the people involved in the business of this flick.

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Below is the detailed break up of Gautham Nanda Life Time Collections:

Nizam :                      3.24

Vizag:                         1.31

East:                           0.90

West:                         0.68

Krishna:                   0.74

Guntur:                    1.06

Nellore:                    0.37

Andhra Total:         5.06

Ceded:                       1.74

Nizam + AP:          10.04 Cr

USA:                            1.2

Karnataka:              0.52

ROW:                         0.24


World Wide Total:    10.9 Cr

The World Wide Pre-release business of Gautham Nanda for theatres is 21.5 Cr and the recovery stood at 50.7% which is very pathetic.

Overall, a double disaster.

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