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Goutham Nanda Movie Rating : 2

Goutham Nanda Movie Review by Ajaykumar Mudunuri for Movie Bells

Goutham Nanda starring Gopichand, Hansika Motwani and Catherine Teresa in lead roles is written and directed by Sampath Nandi. There is a talk in industry circles that Sampath Nandi actually planned to do this movie with Pawan Kalyan or Ram Charan. But somehow it didn’t materialize. Not sure if there is any truth in it, the movie finally landed in Gopichand hands. Gopichand has been in a lean phase recently with two of his recent movies – Oxygen and Aaradugula Bullet, that completed the shoot couldn’t strike theatres yet. There are a lots of dependencies on Goutham Nanda. Goutham Nanda has to strike Gold for several reasons. Firstly it is important for Gopichand, Sampath Nandi and the producers of Goutham Nanda. If Goutham Nanda becomes a hit, it will be easier for Sampath Nanda to get a call from Mega camp or any other big banners. Secondly, Gopichand’s career will fall in track and his delayed releases like Oxygen and Aaradugula Bullet might see the light on theatres. Amidst these many crucial factors, let’s see what Goutham Nanda is all about and if it has hit the bulls eye.

Ghattamaneni Prasad (Sachin Kedkar) is a filthy rich businessman who has entered into the Forbes List of billionaires. Ghattamaneni Gautham (Gopichand) is the only son of this business tycoon and lives life to the fullest. One incident changes Goutham’s life and is now on a mission to identify the self. While on his mission, he comes across Nanda (Gopichand), a below middle class guys who lives in a slum at Borabanda and dreams big. In no time, Goutham and Nanda decide to change places and know what it takes to be rich for Nanda and what it takes to have emotions for Goutham. What happens in this process forms the rest of story.

Gopichand excelled as the filthy rich son Goutham and was decent as Nanda. The whole plot rotates between these characters. Hansika Motwaki was just ok in the role of a middle class girl Spoorthi. Catherine Teresa was glamorous in the role of Mughda. She had a bikini scene and looked extremely hot. Sachin was good as a rich businessman. Chandra Mohan and Sita gave good performance as Nanda parents. Venella Kishore had a small role and was able to give some comedy dose. Rest of the cast were apt in their roles.

Sampath Nandi was honest in writing a commercial script taken out from a philosophical book on Who am I, which deals about identifying the self. The first thirty minutes was excellent and the way Goutham’s character was sketched and portrayed on screen is awesome. Sampath Nandi succeeded in getting the rich visuals that highlights the character of Goutham. It was great until Goutham sets on the mission to realize his self. Goutham Nanda goes to repetitive mode from the introduction of Nanda character. There is nothing much to rave about after the first half hour. Finally, it ends up as another routine commercial flick from Sampath Nandi. Soundar Rajan camera work is good. Music and background score by Thaman is decent. Zindagi Na Milega Dobara is the best of the album. Editing by Gautham Raju is good and a runtime of 2 hour 36 minutes tests your patience at times. A couple of song placements have been a speed breaker to the narration.

Box Office Prospects: With a pre-release business of more than 22 crores, Goutham Nanda will hardly collect a worldwide theatrical share of 10 to 12 crores. This will turn out to be a huge loss for all involved in the business.

Final Punch: Goutham Nanda is a honest attempt gone wrong and will not help any of them involved.

– Ajaykumar Mudunuri

Disclaimer: This review completely reflects my personal opinion and is no way related to the outcome of the movie. The movie i like or dislike might differ with others. Please watch movie in theatres and let me know if you accept or have second thoughts on my review. The figures mentioned in Box Office prospects is from internet sources.

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