Happy Birthday Pawan Kalyan

Happy Birthday Pawan Kalyan, On the eve of our power star’s 46th birthday, the makers of PSPK 25 have released the first look of the movie.

The first look poster of PSPK 25 is enthralling and we sense something great coming from Trivikram and his team. Stay tuned for more updates on Power Star Pawan Kalyan prestigious 25th movie.

In the mean while two titles doing rounds on internet as of now are Agnyatahavasi and Baatasari. Earlier also we heard many titles like Engineer Babu, Gokula Krishnudu etc. It looks like fans are more ecstatic in announcing the title for the movie of their demi-god. The makers are yet to zero in the title.

On the eve of Power Star Pawan Kalyan Birthday, Movie Bells wishes him a very prosperous and happy birthday. May all his future endeavors be successful and God bless him with tons of health and wealth.

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