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– Ajaykumar Mudunuri for Movie Bells

LIE Movie Rating : 2.25

LIE: Enthralling Visuals, Could have been better in Content.

Nithiin and Hanu Raghavapudi club together to come up with LIE captioned Love, Intelligence and Enemity. Megha Akash is making her debut in Telugu Film Industry with LIE. Action King Arjun Sarja is seen in a very vital role. LIE has been shot in various locations across USA for several days and all the scenes shot in US are very crucial for the movie as per the makers. Produced by Ram Achanta, Gopi Achanta and Anil Sunkara for 14 Reel Entertainment banner, it also has Sri Ram, Ajay, Ravi Kishan, Brahmaji and Prithviraj. Hanu Raghavapudi has proved his caliber as a director with his earlier movies. Though Andaala Rakshasi is a dud at box office, his creative talent was lapped by critics. Krishna Gaadi Veera Prema Gaadha gave him the much needed commercial hit and he is now back with LIE. Coincidentally he became a father to a baby boy, a day before its release and Movie bells congratulate Hanu on this occasion. Let’s see if LIE will be remembered as one of his best works or is another routine commercial potboiler.

LIE is visually endearing right from the first scene. Nithiin (A. Sathyam) is a middle class guy who lives with his widowed mother and dreams of becoming rich. Megha Akash (Chaitra) dreams of going to US and become rich by playing casino. Arjun (Padmanabham) is a criminal who is wanted in many cases across India and flees away to US without getting caught. Ravi Kishan is a head of under cover operation named Sholay who is out to nab Padmanbham with the help of his team where Sri Ram is one of the member. Nasar played the role of Padmanabham trusted friend. How is Padmanabham nabbed and what is the relation between Sathyam and Padmanabham forms the major crux of LIE.

Nithiin delivered a top notch performance and is at ease in all departments of acting. Megha Akash makes a promising debut who is gifted with a beautiful face that will suit her play both glamorous and homely roles. Arjun played the main antagonist role and gave a wonderful performance. Ravi Kishan, Brahmaji and Prudhvi were decent in their roles. Rest of the cast were apt in the roles they played.

The major positive factors of LIE is its cinematography, music and back ground score. J. Yuvaraj camera work is a visual treat and the USA background helped him immensely in getting wonderful locales. Music and back ground score by Mani Sharma is excellent and Bhombhaat song stand out tall with good choreography. Both these crafts helped LIE immensely in coming out as a average fare. Else, it could have been a disaster of sorts. Hanu was successful in getting his camera and music work right but faltered in narration.

I am sure Arjun’s character would have been sketched on a solid note while on scripting stage but somehow it failed to translate on screen. That is the most important character in LIE and the whole story revolves around Arjun’s character. Such vital character for a movie should be well connected with the audience, else it will spoil the show. This is what has exactly happened with LIE. There is nothing to point out negatively on Arjun’s acting, he was picture perfect. But for some unknown reason, the makers failed to get it perfectly sketched on screen.

Box Office Prospects: Movie Bells expect LIE to be an average grosser at box office. For its rich visuals, great music and wonderful lead pair, it is easily a one time watch.

Final Punch: There is LOVE and Enmity, but no Intelligence. Audience are much more smarter. LIE needed some repairs!

  • Ajaykumar Mudunuri

Disclaimer: This review completely reflects my personal opinion and is no way related to the outcome of the movie. The movie i like or dislike might differ with others. Please watch movie in theatres and let me know if you accept or have second thoughts on my review. The figures mentioned in Box Office prospects is from internet sources.


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