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Mahanubhavudu Movie Rating : 2.5 (Average)

Mahanubhavudu : Just another routine fare but decent!

Sharwanand and Maruti Dasari have teamed up for the first time to come up with Mahanubhavudu. Sharwanand is paired with Mehreen Kaur Pirzada for the first time. Mahanubhavudu is produced by Vamsi Krishna Reddy and Pramod Uppalapati under the banner UV Creations. This is the third movie for Sharwanand under UV Creations and his earlier two movies Run Raja Run and Express Raja have been hits at box office. Sharwanand started this year with a bang as his movie Shathamanam Bhavathi became the biggest grosser in his career and also won the national award for best feature film. His last film Radha was a dud at box office. Now he is back with Mahanubhavudu under his favorite production house UV Creations. From the day this movie and the plot was announced, many critics and movie lovers felt it to be similar to Bhale Bhale Magadivoyi, a super hit movie from Maruthi. Let’s see if Mahanubhavudu has its own moments or is another regular movie.

Story : (Spoilers ahead)

Anand (Sharwanand) is a project manager at an IT company and stays with his widow mom and cousin Kishore (Venella Kishore). He has a rare disease called Obsessive  Compulsive disorder (OCD) for cleanliness. He loses his self and patience if he sees anything untidy. Meghana (Mehreen Kaur Pirzada) joins the same company where Anand works and gradually they fall in love with each other. Meghana is the daughter of RamRaju (Nassar) and they hail from a village in Pattiseema. Ramraju has a nephew named Srinu who brings name and fame to Ramraju and his village by winning fights. Srinu does this as he wants to marry Meghana. Ramraju accepts Anand to be his son in law but Meghana develops a disliking when Anand is reluctant to take Ramraju to the hospital when he suffers a stroke. Ramraju is unaware of this and he still has a liking towards Anand. Srinu goes against Ramraju when he comes to know that Anand is going to marry Meghana. What happens next has to be seen on the screen.

Artiste’s Performance: 

Sharwanand is good as a man with rare disorder and is seen throughout the movie. The whole movie runs through this character from the first scene till the end. Mehreen is ok and needs to evolve more as a matured actress. She is decent though in a full length role. Nasar was perfect as the village head and Venella Kishore was good as Sharwa’s cousin. Venu had a short role and excelled in a comedy scene in first half. The guy who acted as Srinu was good in the villainy role. The rest of the cast were apt in there roles.

Technical Team:

Maruthi’s writing and direction resembles his earlier movie Bhale Bhale Magadivoyi. The major similarity lies in the character of the hero. If Nani forgets everything soon in BBM, sharwa is OCD here in Mahanubhavudu. Being a movie from UV creations, the stylish presentation of all scenes helped the movie. Music, background score and Cinematography were good. Though the story narration is routine and predicatable, music, background score and cinematography helped movie end up as a decent one.Climax fight had a terrific background score. Editing by Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao is neat and crisp. Overall Maruthi succeeded in getting his fundamentals right and faltered by taking the routine style of narration where the first half is set in city and second half is set in village.


  • Cinematography
  • Music and background score (Climax Fight)
  • Comedy in bits and pieces
  • Protagonist’s characterization
  • Editing


  • Routine Narration
  • No exciting or wow factors
  • First half city – second half village concept
  • Unconvincing message.
  • Not sure why it is titled Mahanubhavudu (great person) which he is not and is actually a man with rare disorder.

Box Office Prospects:

Not sure about the pre-release business of Mahanubhavudu, Movie Bells expects Mahanubhavudu to do a business greater than Sharwa’s last film Radha and much lesser than his earlier hit Shathamanam Bhavathi.

Final Punch: Despite the routine crap and no wow factors, Mahanubhavudu is still an average fare that can be watched once in a weekend if you have nothing to do.

  • Ajaykumar Mudunuri


What do you think of Mahanubhavudu?

What do you think of Mahanubhavudu?

  • Hit - 1
  • Average - 2
  • Flop - 1



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