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Meda Meedha Abbayi Movie Rating : 2.5

Meda Meedha Abbayi : Hyper Aadi’s comedy makes it a decent one time watch!

Meda Meedha Abbayi is a remake of a super hit Malayalam movie titled Oru Vadakkan Selfie starring Nivin Pauly and Manjima Mohan. Allari Naresh and Nikila Vimal enacted their roles in the Telugu version. Interestingly both the versions are directed by Prajith.G. Meda Meedha Abbayi also has Hyper Aadi, Satyam Rajesh, Srinivas Avasarala and Tulasi in prominent roles. Allari Naresh has no notable hits after his super hit movie Sudigadu that released way back in 2012. He has acted in 11 movies after that and is looking out for a hit of that range like Sudigadu. Will this remake version of an already proven script in another language do the trick for Allari Naresh has to be seen. Shaan Rahman who has scored the music and back ground score for the original has been retained for Meda Meedha Abbayi.  Let’s see Prajith’s take on the remake version.

Story : (Spoiler’s ahead)

Allari Naresh (Srinu) pursues his engineering studies but finds it difficult to pass. He has as many as 24 backlogs. He stays with his parents at Rajamundry and does nothing to make a living. His parents own a shop and are worried about Srinu’s future. Srinu fools them that he will clear all subjects but in vain. He has a hidden passion in directing movies and conveys the same to his family and friends. He directs a short movie along with his friend Bandla Babji (Hyper Aadhi). After completing the shoot, they lose the camera without taking a backup. In the meanwhile, Sindhu (Nikila Vimal) and her family stays at the opposite house of Srinu and Srinu develops an interest for Sindhu. Though he never revealed this to Sindhu, he simply fools his friends telling that he is very close to her. In order to pursue his dreams, he leaves to Hyderabad without informing his parents. In the same train he finds Sindhu and captures a selfie without her knowledge. He sends that selfie to his friend Babji telling that he and Sindhu are in train and going to Hyderabad. Accidentally, he loses the phone after sending the selfie. He tries his hand in movie industry but in vain. He spends about a week at Hyderabad and returns back to his home town. When he reaches his home, all the people start asking him for the whereabouts of Sindhu. They are under the impression that Srinu and Sindhu eloped together. Why did Sindhu elope? What did Srinu do in order to prove his innocence? To know all these and much more, catch Meda Meedha Abbayi at a theatre near you.

Artiste’s Performance: (Spoiler’s ahead)

Allari Naresh excelled in his comedy act with catchy one liners. He seemed routine though and when compared to Nivin Pauly’s act in original version, Allari Naresh is no match. The main USP and highlight character of Meda Meedha Abbayi is Hyper Aadhi as Bandla Babji. Hyper Aadhi got the much needed break in a character that any comedian would dream of. This character is written very well. Nikila Vimal is ok as the girl who is in search of her lover whom she met in face book. Satyam Rajesh was apt in his character. Avasarala Srinivas excelled as private detective Yugandhar and will later reveal his original identity. Ravi Babu is a surprise that comes at the climax. Rest of the cast were apt in their roles.

Technical Team:

The original Malayalam version has soul in it with some fine performances and natural taking by Prajith. When it comes to Meda Meedha Abbayi, Prajith has made changes to suit to Telugu nativity and in this process, it lost the soul that Oru Vadakkan Selfie had. For example, the way the end titles show up in the original is very classic which was changed in the remake version. The remake version wanted to ensure that the audience were shown that Srinu and Sindhu might start a life together in future. Nevertheless, it is still a decent one time watch for its hilarious comedy throughout the movie with a very decent story. Cinematography, music and back ground score were in sync with the story telling. Meda Meedha Abbayi is shorter of about 10 minutes when compared to the original.


  • Hyper Aadhi as Bandla Babji
  • Music and back ground score
  • Direction in parts
  • Humor quotient
  • Allari Naresh


  • Changes that were made to suit Telugu Nativity

Box Office Prospects:

Not sure about the pre-release business of Meda Meedha Abbayi, but this is definitely better than all the recent movies of Allari Naresh and will most likely emerge as a winner at box office. For a project like Meda Meedha Abbayi, it is very important for makers to come up with innovative ideas in terms of publicity for audience to throng to theatres.

Final PunchAn easy one time watch!

  • Ajaykumar Mudunuri

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