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Nakshatram Movie Rating : 1.5

Nakshatram: What is this Krishna Vamsi ?

Krishna Vamsi, this name was enough to pull audience from homes to theatres. Krishna Vamsi had a dream start of his career with Gulabi, Ninne Pelladatha, Anthapuram, Murari, Khadgam and Chandamama striking gold at box-office. It has been a decade since Krishna Vamsi lost that midas touch. After Chandamama, none of his movies hit the bulls eye. Though he had flops before Chandamama, those flops like Sindhuram, Chakram, Samudram, Chandra lekha were atleast liked by a section of audience. But off late, one could say that Krishna Vamsi is at his career low. With Naksahtram, was he able to get that lost charisma?

Nakshatram has Sundeep Kishen, Regina Cassandra along with Sai Dharam Tej and Pragya Jaiswal in pivotal roles. Usually Krishna Vamsi movies has a huge ensemble of cast and Nakshatram is no exception. It has Prakash Raj, Tanish, Viva Harsha, J.D.Chakravarthy, Brahmaji, Sivaji Raja, Tulasi, Raghu Babu and Shriya Saran in a special appearance for a song. Krishna Vamsi is one director who showcased the plight of Police in a positive note. Be it Srikanth’s character in Khadgam, Brahmaji’s role in Sindhuram or Srihari character in Samudram. One could easily connect to the intensity of all these characters. Now Krishna Vamsi chose a full fledge Police subject and titled it as Nakshatram. It is obvious for fans of this maverick director to see if he has scorched the screen again.

Rama Rao (Sundeep Kishan) hails from a middle class family and aspires to become a SI. Right from his childhood, he gets attracted to the duties of a Police. He loses his father at an early age who was a traffic police and is raised by his mother Tulasi who runs a tea shop near a police station. As Rama Rao is poor in English, he fails in English subject of SI test. Jamuna (Regina Cassandra) is an assistant to a movie dance director and is in awe of Rama Rao. They are close to each other and Jamuna helps Rama Rao improve his English and he finally passes the SI test. On his way to appear for the final round, Rama Rao is attacked by Tanish and his gang and Rama Rao could not give the test. Tanish is a drug addict and son of an honest Police officer (Prakash Raj) who operates under cover operation DEGA. The DEGA is currently investigating a serial blast case across the city of Hyderabad. Will Rama Rao become an SI? Is Prakash Raj and his team able to solve the men behind the city blasts? Who is Alexander (Sai Dharam Tej) and how does he fit in the story forms the rest of Nakshatram.

Nakshatram is undoubtedly Krishna Vamsi’s worst movie till date. For me, it was more boring than his previous disasters like Mogudu, Paisa and Danger. Tanish as a drug addict is unbearable. The color mixing looked very odd as the frames are over loaded with colors that does not gel well the movie. They looked very unnatural. All the songs were a huge speed breaker to the narration. All the actors in this movie including the lead pair and junior artistes did over acting. Nakshatram has run time of 166 minutes of which more than 140 minutes was boring. Rama Rao’s childhood that lasted for about 2 to 3 minutes was good at the start. Sai Dharam Tej acting during his death sequence was good. Though his acting was good, it seemed over board due to lag in narration. Music and background score was good. The dialogues that come towards the climax in praising the police was good. But the damage has already been done. The bomb sequences were very badly executed. The graphics looked worse than what we see in TV serials.

Box Office Prospects:

In my opinion, this will undoubtedly be one of the biggest disasters in 2017 and will be a loss venture for everyone involved.

Final Punch: Very bad Krishna Vamsi. There were days when your name was enough to bring audience to theaters. But after watching this movie, you will find none. Your software need to be upgraded to the latest version.

  • Ajaykumar Mudunuri

PS: After reading this review, one might get a feel that it is easy to write a review after watching a movie. Yes, i agree to it. And i also understand that the script of Nakshatram would have been good when it is put in papers. But the execution faltered in all departments.

Disclaimer: This review completely reflects my personal opinion and is no way related to the outcome of the movie. The movie i like or dislike might differ with others. Please watch movie in theatres and let me know if you accept or have second thoughts on my review. The figures mentioned in Box Office prospects is from internet sources.

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