Paisa Vasool 4 Days WW Share

Paisa Vasool 4 Days WW Share

Paisa Vasool 4 Days WW Share

Paisa Vasool starring Nandamuri Balakrishna and directed by Puri Jagannadh is doing decent business at box office. At the end of 4 days, the world wide share is 16 Cr.

As today is holiday in Telugu states, it is expected to collect around 2 Cr share world wide which will put its total to around 18 cr in 5 days. And in the end of its first week, it might well touch the 20 Cr mark.

Atleast as of now, The collections that Paisa Vasool is getting is far better than what the trade pundits predicted. Movie Bells predicted a maximum of 14 Cr share in its life time, but Paisa Vasool crossed that mark easily in 4 days and is still doing decent business.

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Having accepted our wrong prediction, Paisa Vasool still has to do a lot more to be termed as a hit. The overall theatrical pre-release business of Paisa Vasool is well above 30 Cr.

Below is the detailed break up of Paisa Vasool 4 Days WW Share

Nizam                        3.34Cr

Ceded                         3.50

Nellore                          65L

Guntur                       2.01

Krishna                     1.02

West                              86

East                             1.10

UA                                1.42

AP&TS share-         13.9Cr

WW share-                16Cr

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