Pawan Kalyan 25 Release Date Confirmed

Pawan Kalyan 25 Release Date Confirmed to be on January 10 2018. The makers have just announced the release date by releasing a surprise video of Anirudh musical song for Pawan Kalyan 25 movie.

The video of this song is sure to go viral and will be trending in top list this week. On the eve of Power Star Pawan Kalyan birthday, fans get a surprise video of this short musical video from Anirudh.

The last few seconds of the video is a bonanza for Pawan Kalyan fans as he is seen in a super posture rotating a chair. This video for sure will create huge expectations and next year Sankranthi is written for Pawan Kalyan.

Irrespective of the talk it generates, it will for sure break all existing opening records of Telugu movies in Telugu version across AP & TS records.

Mark your calendar, January 10 is going to be Power Star Pawan Kalyan Day! 2018 Sankranthi belongs to Power Star Pawan Kalyan

Enjoy the musical video here.

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