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PSV Garuda Vega Movie Rating : 3.5 (Super Hit)

PSV Garuda Vega: Intelligent Thriller!

PSV Garuda Vega 126.18M starring Dr. Rajasekhar and Pooja Kumar in lead roles is directed by Praveen Sattaru and produced by M.Koteswara Raju under Jyo Star Enterprises banner. Rajasekhar has been in the lowest phase of his career with no hits for almost a couple of decades. Under such circumstances, it takes guts for the makers to plan a movie with him at a budget of around 30 Cr. Theatrical trailer has certainly generated immense curiosity among audience.

Story :

Movie opens with Niranjan (Adith Arun), a hacker who is on a run with some secret information. It later shifts to Nation Investigative Agency (NIA) assistant commissioner Chandrasekhar (Dr. Rajasekhar) being asked to take up the case of a murdered woman where he finds links of the murder to an accident that happens simultaneously. Sekhar finally lands up nabbing Niranjan and finding the real people behind a greater ploy that one could imagine.

Artiste’s Performance: 

Dr.Rajasekhar was excellent in the role of a NIA assistant commissioner. Adith Arun as the hacker was good and will be seen throughout the movie. Sunny Leone did her job in the item song. Pooja Kumar was ok. Shraddha Das was wasted in the role of a journalist. Nassar was good as NIA head. Rest of the cast like Posani, Sayyaji Shinde, Kishore Ali and others were apt in the roles they played.

Technical Team:

When you come out of a theater watching a movie and feeling it is good, then you sense that all technical crafts excelled. This is exactly what you feel after watching PSV Garuda Vega. Direction, Cinematography, Action episodes, editing, racy screenplay, basic plot and actor’s performance’s fell in place. Kudos to the whole team for coming out with a racy slick thriller entertainer for Telugu audience in the lines of Hollywood’s Bourne series.


  • Dr. Rajasekhar
  • Background Score
  • Cinematography
  • Direction
  • Basic Plot
  • Production Values
  • Action Episodes



  • Screenplay is racy and follows a format. You may get disconnected with the flow if you miss that format.


Box Office Prospects:

Distributed by the makers themselves, PSV Garuda Vega should come out a winner at box office with the kind of talk it generated. For sure, it will end up becoming the highest grosser in Dr.Rajasekhar’s career.

Final Punch:

PSV Garuda Vega is definitely an honest and appreciable attempt from Telugu Movie Industry. This will certainly emerge as a comeback movie for Dr. Rajasekhar and we may see an announcement of its sequel soon.

  • Ajaykumar Mudunuri


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