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VIP 2 Movie Rating : 2

VIP 2 : Not a befitting sequel!

VIP 2 (Raghuvaran Is Back) starring Dhanush, Amala Paul and Kajol is one of the releases this week. The Tamil version of VIP 2 released a couple of weeks back and is having a steady run irrespective of negative talk. The Telugu version had a delayed release owing to lack of screens. Since there were many movies that released in Telugu from the past two weeks, VIP 2 was pushed to August 25. Dhanush’s VIP 2 is directed by his wife Soundarya Rajinikanth and story is provided by Dhanush himself. With a run time of 129 minutes, VIP 2 also has Ritu Varma, Samuthirakani, Vivek and Saranya Ponvannan. Original Songs and Background Score is given by Sean Roldan. Cinematography is handled by Sameer Thahir and Editing is done by Prasanna GK. The theatrical trailer of VIP2 is decent. The original version of VIP is released as Raghuvaran BTech in Telugu and VIP 2 comes with a caption – Raghuvaran is Back. Dhanush hogged to limelight with Raghuvaran BTech and we hope this sequel will cement his place in Telugu Industry and increase his market. With the competition being heavy, let’s see if VIP2 emerge a winner. Here is VIP 2 Movie Review from

Story (Spoiler’s ahead):

VIP 2 begins were Raghuvaran B.Tech ended. Raghuvaran (Dhanush) and Shalini (Amala Paul) are now happily married taking more responsibilities after the death of Raghuvaran’s mother. Raghuvaran is now a dedicated employee of Anitha Constructions. Vasundhara (Kajol) is the CEO of Vasundhara Constructions and will try to get Raghuvaran into her company after learning about his talents that were shown in the first part. Raghuvaran’s aim is to serve for Anitha Constructions and then start a company on his own titled VIP constructions. For this reason, he doesn’t join Vasundhara Constructions which irks Vasundhara. Raghuvaran later opens his company with the help of his social media friends and names it VIP Constructions. The rest of the story is the brain games they play between them and what emerges out of it.

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Artiste’s Performance:

Most of the artiste’s were retained from the prequel and they looked more or less the same. The only new main character introduced was Kajol. Though it helped in terms of getting a pan India appeal, Kajol didn’t look apt at least for the Telugu version.

Technical Team:

There is nothing much to rave about the Technical team. Except for below par direction, rest of the team showcased their routine skills that is mediocre to say the least.


  • Good message towards pre-climax
  • Decent comedy


  • Shabby Direction
  • Very Predictable Narration
  • Abrupt Ending
  • Kajol

Box Office Prospects:

The major drawback for VIP 2 is not to have a simultaneous release with its Tamil version. The Tamil version released two weeks back and the verdict is already out. The Telugu version of VIP 2 might be tough to sustain for more than a week in its theatrical run. Will most probably end up as a failure.

Final Punch: VIP 2 is not as good as VIP (Raghuvaran Not a befitting sequel!

  • Ajaykumar Mudunuri

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VIP 2 Verdict:

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