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Yuddham Sharanam Movie Rating : 1.75

Yuddham Sharanam : Horrible Second Half over shadowed the Good First Half!

Yuddham Sharanam is directed by debutante Krishna Marimuthu who was introduced in the pre-release function as Chay Akkineni’s childhood friend from their schooling days in Chennai. Along with Akkineni Naga Chaithanya, Yuddham Sharanam features Lavanya Tripati, Rao Ramesh, Revathi, Srikanth Meka, Priya Darshi, Murali Sharma and Ravi Varma in prominent roles. From the teasers and theatrical trailers, Yuddham Sharanam was anticipated to be an emotional action driven movie. With Srikanth making a comeback as the main antagonist, there were decent expectations surrounding this flick. Let’s see what Krishna Marimuthu had to tell the audience through his debut movie.

Story : (Spoiler’s ahead)

Arjun (Chay Akkineni) leads a happy life with his parents and two sisters. He is passionate on developing drones and has a work space in his house. His father Rao Ramesh is a social activist while his mom Revathi is a doctor. They own a foundation named Svatsya and help people in whatever way they can. Anjali (Lavanya Tripati) is a medical professional who extends her services to the work that Revathi and Rao Ramesh do. She is the daughter of Rao Ramesh friend. Anjali and Arjun get along together and gradually fall in love. Their parents also accept their love. When everything seemed fine in Arjun’s life, a tragedy stuck in the form of Nayak (Srikanth Meka), a notorious criminal who doesn’t hesitate to take lives for the sake of money. What is that tragedy? How will Arjun take over the criminals forms the rest of Yuddham Sharanam.

Artiste’s Performance: (Spoiler’s ahead)

Not sure if he was doing this earlier, Akkineni Naga Chaithanya changed his screen name as Chay Akkineni for this movie. He looked wonderful in the boy next door role during the first half. There is some maturity seen in his acting. But there is huge scope of improvement when it comes to donning intense action sequences. Lavanya Tripati is astoundingly beautiful as the love interest of Chay in the first half. She looked just ok in scenes that required showcasing sentiments in the later half. It is high time our makers start using different dubbing artistes for heroines who can’t speak Telugu. We have a problem connecting with their tone as we hear the same voice for almost all the heroines. Rao Ramesh and Revathi roles are perfectly sketched and they thoroughly impressed with their act. Their roles are very nicely written and as a matter of fact, they were the only saving grace of Yuddham Sharanam. Srikanth failed to impress in his villainy act. There is nothing much he did apart from that strange looks and ages old dialogues. Murali Sharma did the role of a NIA officer who does anything for his promotions. His acting seemed over at times. Priyadarshi was decent as Arjun’s friend and is seen in a short role. Rest of the cast were apt in the roles they portrayed.

Technical Team:

Debutante Krishna Marimuthu is definitely influenced by Gautham Vasudev Menon and Ram Gopal Varma style of narrations or one could say him as a hybrid of GVM and RGV. Action episodes in the second half reminded of Chay’s Saahasam Swasaga Saagipo and the back ground score has lot of similar to RGV movies. He was successful in getting his script and narration right until the first half. The drone episode of getting the blood packet at traffic jam is very well conceived. Just when we thought we might have something nice, things turned topsy turvy. Second half was so horrible that one might wonder what is going on. Cinematography seemed good in parts and same goes with the back ground score. A couple of melodious songs that some in the first half are a treat to ears. There is nothing much to rave about the editing. Production values by Vaarahi Chalana Chitram are good.


  • Drone episode in pre-interval
  • Decent First Half
  • Revathi and Rao Ramesh
  • Lavanya Tripati


  • Direction
  • Screenplay
  • Entire Second Half
  • Srikanth
  • Murali Sharma
  • Action episodes in second half

Box Office Prospects:

Though the first half is good, Yuddham Sharanam will most likely end as a disaster at box office due to its worst second half. With a pre-release budget of 20 cr, it will do utmost 10 Cr at box office.

Final Punch: Chay is yet to make a mark in Action genre!

  • Ajaykumar Mudunuri

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